23 - 25 September 2018, Dubai

Delta Lighting

Dubai’s new gilded pleasure – Gold on 27 by Delta Lighting

Delta Lighting’s big honour at the Light Middle East Awards 2016 was for its work on the ultra-luxurious Gold on 27 bar in the new Restaurants & Bars Lighting Project of the Year category.
Located on the 27th floor of the iconic Burj al Arab, Gold on 27 is the new nightspot in Dubai aimed to set a new standard for the city’s most discerning socialites with exquisite design details, music and cocktail menu. Both the Interior and lighting design work closely to translate the sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere at the bar. 
Delta Lighting Design's approach for Gold on 27 consisted in enhancing the interior design concept of melting and morphing gold by using light to accentuate the shapes and surfaces to bring out the exquisite feature walls and features of the bar.  
Other functional light sources were concealed and integrated in the furniture. The colour temperature was kept warm ranging from 2500K to 2700K to add to the golden environment. 
From the entrance area the visitor is guided by golden wall mounted lights to the main area which is mainly dominated by a dramatic golden feature ceiling above the bar area. At the counter area a sculptural glass feature chandelier delicately follows the organic shape of the ceiling providing brilliance and contributing to the luxury of the bar.
The sitting areas in front are divided by sparkling custom made side emitting fibre optic curtain features. The surprise element of the bar is located at the back part of the venue which has the most impressive view. Here, two fibre optic feature tree like structures have been located to provide the dynamic element to the bar as these are programmed to softly change colour.