23 - 25 September 2018, Dubai


Ready, Steady, Light, together with the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), returns to Light Middle East for the 3rd year.

The competition involves randomly chosen teams who are allocated a site, and returning to basic engineering and design, have 90 minutes to design and install a lighting scheme with equipment that has been provided. This year the event will have a twist were not only will the teams have to incorporate props that have been provided, they will also have 30 minutes to scavenge for items to integrate into their designs.

The winners will be judged within 3 categories:
1) Most Creative Effect based on the natural features of the site and the theme. Judged by an expert panel.

2) Best Technical Solution for taking into account energy use, light pollution and health & safety. Judged by an expert panel.

3) Peer Prize. Judged by other contestants.

The winning team will be announced at the 2018 Light Middle East awards.

To register to participate in Ready, Stead, Light please click here

For further details about the event please email light@uae.messefrankfurt.com