2019, Dubai

Product groups


    Decorative lighting and accessories
- Accessories for decorative lighting
- Decorative lighting for special types of lamp
- Decorative lighting for specific applications
- Decorative lighting Style orientation: Classic – modern & traditional
- Decorative lighting Style orientation: Modern – design
- Exterior lighting for house and garden
- Special lighting
- Non-electrical decorative light fittings
    Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems
- Lamp holders
    Electric lamps
- Accessories and blanks for electric lamps
- Discharge lamps
- Incandescent lamps
    LED lighting
- LED lighting
    Technical lighting and accessories
- Accessories for technical lighting
- Exterior lighting / Street lights
- Light control, light management, light measurement
- Technical internal lights for industry and business
- Technical internal lights for Office/Administration
- Technical lights for special applications
    House and Building Automation
- House and Building Automation